Midas Export USA Corp.

We are an export master distributor of window films, with over twenty-two years of experience in the distribution of American Quality Window Films. Exporting regularly to the United States, South America, Central America, Caribbean, Europe, Asia, and the Middle East.

We have a wide range of products. Our products can be adjusted to every customer’s needs. Our divisions are Corona Window Film™(Automotive), Paint Protection Film, Residential Film, Commercial film, Security Film, Safety Film, and Digital Printable Film. Offering your company the best option in treated window films. Midas Export USA also offers a complete line of tools and supplies to install window films. The goal is to be able to help your business with essential everyday needs in Quality Window Film & Window tinting tools.

In 2020 we opened new products to become a distributor of the sign supply industry. We now carry a huge variety of products under our very own brand Midas Sign Supply (made in the USA from globally sourced Materials). We have everything involved with digital media: Wrapping, Signs, Cutting Vinyl, Tools, Materials, and accessories. Everything required for sign manufacturing and installation. We also distribute printers, plotters, and laminator machines.

We specialize in Paint Protection Film. We are the largest export distributor in South Florida and around the World. We have the same quality as other American brands. Our brands offer more than seven types of Paint Protection Film rolls with a width of 24″, 48″, 60″, and 72″.

We are committed to bringing you the highest quality products and the best customer service. We are continuously working on improving our structure, so we can offer you the best customer service that can guarantee your full satisfaction. We provide you not only with the excellent quality of our Midas Window Film products but also excellent customer service.

Important Note: As Master Distributor, Midas Export USA sells exclusively to other companies, such as distributors or professional installers.

Carlos Lizcano, Engineer, BBA, HPASS
Certified Professor
President – CEO

Maríana Castellanos, MBA
International Sales Manager
1 (786) 635-6825

Zarai Maza,  MIR & LLM
General Manager
1 (786) 449-1287

Mario Romera , CE
Computer Engineering Technology, Cybersecurity

Alfredo Lanz,
ITT, Tech Dept. / Printers & Plotters
+1 (786) 606-7175

Edisson Hevia
Logistics / Warehouse Mgr.

Erick Calderón
Warehouse Supervisor

Rafael Urdaneta, Journalist
Social Media Manager