Midas Window Film™, always working on offering the widest selection of films to our customers, has a complete Decorative Film line with beautiful designs.

For residential and commercial projects • Easy to install and remove • Variety of styles and colors • Rolls of 36 inches by 82 feet

Decorative Specifications

Decorative Window Film Categories
Venetian Mini-Blind​
Smart Film (Electric on/off)​
Venetian Blind​
Frosted Colors​
Japanese Latern​
Loose Thatch Etched​
Diagonal Thatch Etched​
White Foliage On Clear​
Hibiscus Etched​
Thatch Etched​
Fading Dots Stripes​
Triangles Black​
Triangles White​
Retro Stripes Black​
Retro Stripes White​
Color Foliage White​
Color Foliage​
White Linen​
Clear Dots Over White​
Fading Dots Blocks​
Polka Dots​