SKU: 174354 Midas Cutting System Q42 Plotter

Includes 1 Vinyl Blade
Includes 12 Consecutive months of service
1 Clipart CD
1 Tint Blade

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Q-Series 42 Plotter Features

This plotter & software eliminate the need to cut film by hand so production is increased – even for established tint shops with experienced personnel. Also, the accuracy produced eliminates errors and keeps waste to a minimum which leads to lower costs and increased profits. Installers will have more time available, the cuts for an specific template can be ready in just 2 minutes! Use the saved time to cut more vehicles or take more time off!
In order to access to new templates, our
database has grown to over 10s of thousands of vehicles – dating back to the 70s – with regular updates for new products. There’s no need to buy an upgrade to get the new templates. Just open the software, connect to the web, and download them automatically!

•  Cutting Method:   Friction-fed, high-speed drag blade with Soft Blade Landing and Tangential blade control mode

•  Maximum Cutting Speed:  50 inches per second

•  Maximum Cutting Pressure:  Up to 400 grams

•  Minimum Character Size:   0.125” high, alpha-numeric characters, varies with type of film and font

•  Buffer:  2 MB

•  Media Supply:   Integrated AccuLoad media supply system, optional media racks (3 additional max.) for tandem  holding of up to 4 vinyl rolls

•  Support Package:  90 days Premium Support Package (PSP)

•  Maximum Cutting Width: Q42: 42 in.

•  Maximum Media Width: Q42: 48.2 in.

•  Setup and Training CD Q-Series 42 Plotter Features Q42: 48.2 in.