Guardian Laminator

Guardian Laminator

Protect your media with the durable, all steel
construction of 65” Guardian Laminators

Guardian Laminator is an affordable, easy to use solution for all of your
finishing needs including laminating and mounting. The system’s
intuitive design makes for quick and easy use, maintenance, and cleaning,
saving you time on production. Solid, all steel construction provides high
quality performance and ensures Guardian Laminator is built to last.

MSRP $4,995.00

  • No deposit
  • No credit
  • The company has to be two years(2) in business

Financial terms applied only to USA companies

Safety switches are featured in both front and rear positions for easy access.

Safety Plate
Guards the rollers and ensures media goes in, but fingers stay out.

Magic Bar
Upper and lower idler bars provide accurate positioning of laminate for a smooth, clean finish.

Lower Mandrel
Equipped with a standard lower mandrel and an optional media mandrel kit.

Variable Speed
The control panel allows for variable
speeds up to 23 ft/min, forward and reverse.

  • All steel component construction
  • Forward/reverse functionality
  • Upper and lower idler bars
  • Variable speed (up to 23 ft/min)
  • Lower mandrel with double ended
    tension brake
  • Adjustable pressure settings
  • Easy loading drop-in supply shafts
  • Removable feed table
  • Crowned, high quality
    silicone rollers
  • One (1) year parts warranty
  • Optional take-up system
  • Optional media mandrel kit

Lamination Speed

Variable, up to 23 ft/min (7m/min)

Laminate Width

64.96 in (1650 mm)

Maximum Media Thickness

0.57 in (14.48 mm)

Power – Cold

120 V / 60Hz, 0.5A, 25 Watts

Power – Heat Assist

120 V / 60Hz, 9A, 1300 Watts

Heat Assist Temperature Range

104˚-122˚F (40˚-50˚C )

Feed Tray Height

36 in (916 mm)

Assembled Dimensions

65″ – 73.2 x 22.4 x 51.18 in
(1860 x 570 x 1300 mm)

Shipping Dimensions

65″ – 78.8 x 26.3 x 23.2 in
(2000 x 490 x 590 mm)

Shipping Weight

65″ – 470 lbs (213 kg)