Commercial Property Owners have significant benefits when using Ygrene Funding...

Ygrene Energy Funding benefits commercial property owners in many ways; Ygrene funding is a very unique and alternative way to fund retrofitting for commercial real estate:

Some benefits that most commercial property owners have by using Ygrene funding are:

  1. There is no personal guarantee to use our funding program
  2. The payments are made only once per year
  3. The funds used to retrofit your commercial real estate may be fully tax deductible
  4. By implementing Ygrene funding, the property owner may significantly lower insurance costs, utility costs and maintenance costs
  5. Triple net lease properties can pass the assessment costs on to tenants and at the same time lower the tenants overall utility costs
  6. Ygrene funding is NOT a loan and does not show up on property owner's credit. Therefore, this funding should not affect the property owner's borrowing capability


Cons- Pay out of pocket today and then have to wait for your return on investment. Also limits your opportunity cost for other investments.
Pros- Not tied to an interest rate; can begin project immediately;

Cons- Affects your future borrowing capacity; must qualify with credit, income and assets per bank regulations; immediate monthly payback and term is usually short- 3-5 year payback
Pros- Potentially low interest rate, build relationship with bank for future borrowing

Cons- Higher interest rate; 30 day waiting period if mortgage on building; funding happens at end of project
Pros- 100% financing; payments only once per year; potentially full tax deduction; pass cost onto tenants in some commercial properties; potentially does not affect future borrowing capacity; payback from 10-20 years.