For more than 18 years Midas Export USA along with Midas Group. South Florida division is able to supply, install and provide warranty to Architectural Window Film for all your projects needs, residential and non residential in Florida and U.S.

The main goal of our Installation Services Division is to create, maintain and improve a relationship with our customers, based on excellence and responsibility, satisfying and overcoming their needs and expectations on window film. 

Midas Window Films makes your home or office more comfortable, private and safety. Some of the benefits you will obtain by installing window film in your home or office. Our job and goal is customer satisfaction: knowing that your home, office or building will be more efficient, it will save more money in you electricity bill and have much more protection. 


  • To become a subcontractor for Midas Group send e-mail to

    Midas subcontractors:

    Sun South Window Tinting

    Jorge Martinez, President 19-year old Midas Subcontractor

    I Retro-Fit America

    David Humphry, President

  • The primary focus of this introductory program is to provide participants with basic information about films in general and particularly polarized product lines such as Midas Window Film, technical tools of the trade and arguments that every seller may find helpful when offering your products and services to increase the closing of deals. Courses: • Module One Introductory Course 3 Hrs. $ 25.00 • Module Two *** and strategies for commercial & building application, introduction to PACE program. $ 950 • Module Three How to prepare a ROI $ 500 • Module Four Installation

Midas Group Staff

Jorge Martin

Subcontractor Manager

Carlos Lizcano, BBA, HPASS.

CEO at Midas Export, VP at Midas Group

Maria Virginia Moreno, B.B.A.

Logistics Manager at Midas Export and Project manager at Midas Group

Maria Boulos, BBA, DIT.

CEO at Midas Group, VP at Midas Export