This summary chart of state aftermarket tint law information is not a legal document. It is the result of independent research, using several sources of public state documents. Window tinting laws vary from state to state and province to province. Before applying any window tinting materials, installers should thoroughly review the appropriate state regulations as well as local enforcement policies to insure compliance with all applicable standards.

For further information and to read properly the tables of each state, please download the chart explanation document. To learn more about every state regulations, including Puerto Rico, please click on the name of the state and open the file.

Alabama Indiana Nebraska South Carolina
Alaska Iowa Nevada South Dakota
Arizona Kansas New Jersey Tennessee
Arkansas Kentucky New Mexico Texas

California Louisiana New York Utah
Colorado Maine New Hampshire Vermont
Connecticut Maryland North Carolina Virginia
Delaware Massachusetts North Dakota Washington


Florida Michigan Ohio West Virginia
Georgia Minnesota Oklahoma Wisconsin
Hawaii Mississippi Oregon Wyoming
Idaho Missouri Pennsylvania  
Illinois Montana Rhode Island Puerto Rico