Thinking of your needs over the Residential and Commercial projects, Midas Window Film™ provides you with the best quality residential/commercial window films at the best price. Midas' flat glass lines offer great looks, efficient installation and outstanding performance features.

  • Modern, up-to-date colors and shades
  • Superior optical clarity
  • Exclusive water-activated adhesive (DSA)
  • Simple, eye-catching point-of-sale merchandising
  • All metal, fade resistant construction
  • Exclusive manufacturer's warranty


Architectural Window Film Types

-Gelid Series

Window film can greatly reduce the transmission of solar heat and ultraviolet rays through a pane of glass, getting rid of glare at the same time. Even for renters, the film can be a good option for creating a more comfortable nest while going greener.


-Solar Glaze

This series offers films with low interior and exterior reflectivity so that your view is not altered. It also offers great optical clarity and glare reduction, blocking over 99%  of the  sun's ultraviolet rays and a high percentage of solar heat and energy rejection. TSER values on the 40% VLT is 4% over the nearest competitor in the market.

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Saphire’s attributes include high mechanical strength, temperature stability, wear resistance and chemical inertness. As a result, a Saphire Window will exceed other optical materials in harsh environments, providing a barrier between elements. Saphire Windows are used commonly in optical and mechanical applications.

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-Night View

Night Vision window films help block the sun's damaging UV rays, reduce glare and reject up to 71% of the sun's heat. These darker shaded films are designed to reject solar heat that is produced from visible light, while providing significant glare relief.

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-Titanium DS

Titanium window films are designed to cut cooling costs by up to 50 percent. The emissivity rating measures the efficiency with which a window reflects heat back towards the heat's source. During the summer, the heat source is the sun and in the wintertime it's the furnace.

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-Silver DS/PS

Designed for maximum heat rejection, Solar Silver is a perfect solution for commercial buildings that receive an excessive amount of solar exposure. Its aluminum, metalized construction provides the comfort and protection needed while reducing the sun's glare that causes unwelcome eyestrain

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-HPX Series

Available in reflective gray, green, blue and bronze


-Exterior Series

Exterior Window Film Prestige Series, the latest offerings in the company’s portfolio of energy-conservation solutions.


-Omega 7